There are more than 201,000 dentists in the U.S., but as you can imagine, they’re not all equal. 

Your children are your pride and joy, so when they need a dentist, you won’t want just any dentist. Instead, you’ll want the right one, but how can you find the right one?

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Frankfort, KY, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about finding the best pediatric dentist for your children. 

Look Online for Dentists in Your Area

The Internet is often the first place people turn to when they need services, including dental care for kids. Searching online offers a way to learn about your options. 

Therefore, you might want to search for “pediatric dentists near me.” When you search for local pediatric dentists, you’ll get a list of all the options in your area.

Now, it’s vital to know the list might include family dentists and other types of dentists, so you must weed out the irrelevant results. Completing this step might take some time, but it can help you find your options. 

It might be helpful to keep a list of the options you want to consider in your decision, but you should also use the remaining tips in this article. 

Stick With a Pediatric Dentist in Frankfort, KY

Family dentists offer services for kids, adults, and seniors. As a result, they offer services for the entire family. So while you can take your child to a family dentist, it’s not always the best option.

Pediatric dentists specialize in services for children. So, why does this matter? First, kids tend to enjoy going to pediatric dental clinics; they feel welcome there.

So, taking them to a pediatric dentist solves one problem if your kids feel welcome there and enjoy going. Secondly, pediatric dentists know the unique challenges of a child’s oral health needs. 

A pediatric dentist only sees kids. The result is that pediatric dentists are experts in what they do. As a parent, you can feel confident knowing the dentist knows what they’re doing. 

If you find dentists that don’t fit this expertise, you can cross them off your list. 

Ask the People You Know

You might have several options on your list at this point, but you might not know much about these dentists. So, it would help if you spent some time learning more about them.

The first place you can go to learn more is to people you know. You probably have friends with young kids if you’re a young mom. After all, young moms tend to befriend other young moms.

You can learn a lot if you ask the people you know about who they go to for pediatric dental care. For example, you can find out the names of the pediatric dentists your friends use for their children’s dental services.

Next, you can ask what they think of these dentists. For example, do they like them? If so, what do they like about them? 

Read What Others Say

The next place to turn is to reviews. You can search for reviews of any dentist you find. As you read these reviews, you’ll learn what others think.

For example, you might learn about the friendliness of the staff and dentists at the clinic. In addition, you’ll learn about the dentist’s competence. 

Parents might also write about their children’s responses to a particular dentist and the costs of the services. 

Keep in mind that some people might write negative reviews. You’ll always find a few negative reviews, even for the best dentists. So, it would help if you didn’t let this scare you.

However, you should look for a clinic that offers dental care for kids with mostly positive reviews. 

View Their Website

One additional way to narrow down a pediatric dentist is by visiting their website. Every dental clinic has a website, and their site can be very informative. 

First, a dental health website helps you learn about their specialties. You can read about the dentists, their experience, and their expertise. This information can help you determine the clinic’s competency. 

Secondly, you’ll learn the clinic’s focus. For example, is the site brightly colored and kid-friendly? If so, you’ll immediately see that their focus is on children. 

Additionally, you can learn about the office locations. After all, finding a clinic in a convenient area is essential for most families. 

The website might also provide helpful, informative information. For example, you can learn what happens during a child’s first visit. In addition, you can learn when to take your child to the dentist for the first time.

A dentist’s website will also provide contact information you can use to contact the clinic. 

If you consider all these things, you’ll find the right pediatric dental clinic to use. But, there’s one more step you might want to complete. 

Visit the Office

The final step is visiting the office, and you can do this in several ways.

One option is to stop by the clinic without an appointment. For example, you can drop by if you happen to be in the area to see the office and meet the staff. 

While you probably won’t get to talk to the dentist, if you drop by, you can learn more about the office by visiting it. 

The other option is to call the clinic to schedule an appointment to see the office. 

Schedule an Appointment

Finding the best pediatric dentist in Frankfort, KY, is vital for your children. Pediatric dentists specialize in services for children. Your kids will enjoy visiting a pediatric dentist, and you’ll feel confident in their services.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment? If so, contact us at Capitol Kids Dentistry to learn more.